Month of September in Review: 

September #CFAMILY Social:  


On Friday September 22nd, some of our #CFAmily put on their street clothes for a night out at Twin Elephant Brewing Company (aka old Annex Location). It was good being able to socialize with everyone outside gym doors. We are hoping to set up another social event some time in the near future and hope more can join! 

Battle in the Burbs Bros & Hoes - Male/Female Partner Comp:  


On September 16th, our dynamic duo, Jamie Cutler and Laura Stuart competed at CrossFit JTown and won the Scaled Division. We are continuously proud of the effort you guys put inside the gym and it clearly shows on game day. Keep improving, and keep pushing outside your comfort zones! 

CrossFit 908 Garden State Open 2017 - Individual Comp: 

This past weekend, our #CFAmily dominated at the Garden State Open. Coach Scott Giorgi, Laura Stuart, John Sim, and Jamie Cutler all competed and made CFA a known force to be reckoned with in the Master’s Division.

October Programming: 

As most of you may know we have completed our Squat Strength Cycle. It was uplifting to see all the new PR’s after two months of hard work. We are now starting our new strength cycle comprised of Deadlifts and Strict Press. Excited to see the new gains going forward! 

MONDAY: Metcon (Conditioning Based) & Mobility Work 

TUESDAY: Strict Press & Couplet 

WEDNESDAY: Barbell Skill & Triplet  

THURSDAY: Accessory Work & Partner WOD 

FRIDAY: Deadlift & Chipper

Upcoming Competitions & Events:

Head to Head in Hamilton - Male/ Female and Co-Ed Partner Comp (Scaled, RX, and Masters Divisions): 

Hosted by CrossFit Hamilton on October 21st at 8am

Details can be found here:

Battle of the Boroughs Team Up for Joseph - Partner Comp

(Male/ Female Teams or Co-Ed, Rx, Sx and Masters Divisions): 

Hosted by CrossFit Annex on November 4th at 8am

We encourage all of you to sign up! All proceeds go to Team Joseph in a hope to support research costs for the fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

For those who don’t plan to compete but still want to be involved, we would love for you to help volunteer as a judge. 

Work outs are below:  

Bill Grundler Masters Seminar: 

Hosted by CrossFit Annex on November 5th 9am to 6pm 


WHO: The instructor is Bill Grundler,  winner of Open and Masters Qualifier 2017, 2nd place Games 2015, the oldest man to ever beat Rich Froning in a workout [Diane @ 2012 regionals], CrossFit Games commentator since 2010, founder/owner of CrossFit Inferno in central California. 

WHAT: The seminar will look into truly understanding what it means to get older, look at prioritizing our issues and which are the easiest to fix, understanding the correct way to coach and program for an older athlete, developing a champion mindset by decreasing the amount of stress in our lives and understanding how stress affects us physically and our performances, and finally developing a workout and coming up with strategies and modifications for individuals. 

Cost to sign up is $250.00 per person. 

Link to sign up can be found here: 

OCTOBER Member of the Month: Jessica Campagna

It is with great pleasure to award October’s Member of the Month to Jessica Campagna! A 6 am goer, Jess embraces trying new movements in work outs just to get better. Not to mention, she sometimes finds herself on the short end of the stick in having to do “Partner” work outs solo, she always handles it with grace. Most of you know her, she’s super friendly and inspirational and we love having her a part of our #CFAmily. Keep improving and striving to get better, congrats, Jess! We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions:


Question: How did you discover CrossFit?

Answer: Being a former powerlifting addict, I knew about CrossFit for quite some time but never tried it.  When my husband and I moved to Chatham, we were researching gyms and saw that CFA was less than a mile from our house. So we tried it out and the rest is history!

Q; What do you like about it? What keeps you going?

A: I like everything about it! I love the people, the encouraging and supportive atmosphere, the heavy lifts, the high intensity work, the variety, and the fact that there is always something you can work on. It never gets boring and it makes me feel confident that I could probably hold my own in a Zombie Apocalypse.

Q: What do you do for work? What are your interests outside of the box?

A: I work for a medical device company doing Regulatory Affairs, and love what I do. Basically, my job is to get products approved by the FDA. Outside of the box/work, I love cooking, home renovation projects, traveling and being outdoors.

Q: What is your workout/athletic background?

A: I discovered traditional powerlifting in 2012 and got hooked immediately on deadlift and squat. Bench press, not so much. Before that, I had a somewhat run-of-the-mill gym routine: cardio classes, some bodybuilding, yoga. But I needed something more! Powerlifting definitely filled that void. Nothing feels better than loading up a bar and getting a new PR!

Q: Tell us something about yourself that the other CFA members might not know?

A: I have 7 siblings!  We range in age from 15 to 34.

Q;  What are your favorites WODs/exercises? What do you need to work on more?

A: I'm not great at them, but for some reason I LOVE hand stand push-ups. I need to work more on my endurance in general. I would love to be able to do a muscle-up some day.

Q; What are your goals in CrossFit?

A: Honestly, my goal is to remain consistent and have fun. Simple as that. Oh, and to remain 100% injury free. I'm not getting any younger!



Just a friendly reminder, we have been partnered with KettleBell Kitchen for the last couple months. Feel free to check out their website, It’s super convenient when your on the go and are looking for a healthy option. Please note, drop off location is “Annex Sports Performance Center”.

**Any suggestions, questions, ideas for events or anything CrossFit related are always welcome. You can post on our Private Facebook Page here  or email Ali at**