Happy Holidays

Halloween 2017 at CFA:

First, let’s begin with the fact that we had some prettttty important people join us at the 5am Class on HALLOWEEN this past October – it’s not every day you get to work out with Super Hero’s and extremely decorated Olympians…… or, maybe it is?!

Pictured here: Dave Frieder, Dan Orwig, Kevin Kilgore and Tom Cincotta.

Pictured here: Dave Frieder, Dan Orwig, Kevin Kilgore and Tom Cincotta.

NOVEMBER 2017 started off to a great start…..

Battle of the Boroughs – Team Up for Joseph:

On Saturday November 4th we hosted our third annual installment of Battle of the Boroughs Team Up for Joseph. We had such an awesome turn out and raised over $7,226. We are honored to be a part of such a great community who are all willing to support a cause bigger than our own troubles. For a lot of us THIS IS OUR WHY – struggling for one common cause. Congrats to all of our athletes who gave 110% and our winners for RX, SX, and Masters Division. It was fun watching some of our very own compete and take place on the podium! Already looking forward to next year!

Special S/O to team,  #BadAssMoms  for raising the most money for the cause!!!

Special S/O to team, #BadAssMoms for raising the most money for the cause!!!

Masters Experience Seminar with Bill Grundler:

The day after our #BOB2017, we hosted Bill Grundler, winner of Open and Masters Qualifier 2017 and 2nd Place Winner at the Games in 2015, came and shared some pointers with us on what it is to be a #badassmaster. We discussed things like truly understanding what it means to get older, look at prioritizing our issues and which are the easiest to fix, understanding the correct way to coach and program for an older athlete, developing a champion mindset by decreasing the amount of stress in our lives and understanding how stress affects us physically and our performances, and finally developing a workout and coming up with strategies and modifications for individuals. 

Bill Grundler seminar

Some take-aways from the Presentation are:

  • Mobilization is key.
  • Train smarter, not harder.
  • Better is better.

This can be applied to all athletes, not just our “Masters” population.

Run and Row Biathlon New York:

A few of our very own competed on November 19th at the iconic Armory in Washington Heights, NY. The competition was the first of its kind that incorporated two different but, complementary sports, running and rowing. There were a number of different events featured throughout the day. All proceeds from the event went to non-profit youth organizations run by both Row New York and The Armory Foundation. We’re always proud to see our members support a great cause!

CFA Participants: Jamie, Kim, Stefan, Anne, Steve, Steph

CFA Participants: Jamie, Kim, Stefan, Anne, Steve, Steph

Crystal and Jon Paone

November and December Member of the Months:

Since we are LONG overdue, we will be presenting TWO member of the months. We are proud to present to you this fearless twosome who are steady goers in our AM classes, and sometimes make cameos in the evening too. They are both people you would not want to meet in a foot race, and they both happened to be married. Drum roll please…….  

Jon Paone

Our November Member of the Month is Jon Paone.

It goes without saying, Jon is an absolute pleasure to have in class. A steady goer of the 6am, he’s always pushing the brink and challenging himself to new heights. Any challenge presented to him, he takes and always seems to execute without failure. Recently coming off an injury, he has made his health a priority but never skipped a beat on his return. When it comes to running, write it up as a loss – this guy is quick!!!


Our December Member of the Month is Crystal Paone.

Some say the wife is the better half, we might have to agree with this statement. Similar to Jon, Crystal is an avid goer of our 8:45am. She is super complimentary to those working out next to her, and certainly a team player. Not to mention – her pain face is beautiful. She smiles when it hurts!!! Notable work outs, she’s not someone you want to see 1v1 in “Annie” Double Unders and Sit Ups are a deathly combo, and not to mention just like her life partner, she’s pretty quick on her feet too.

This dynamic duo has participated in the 2017 Open, ran in the Fishawack Race this past summer, and most recently, participated in the Masters Division of our 2017 Battle of the Boroughs. Any social opportunity, we can always count on them to be there. Congratulations, Paones!

Programming Update:

There will be a change in the programming. The coaching staff has been pleased with every ones progress thus far and we have enjoyed watching people PR and improve not just their strength numbers but some of their other skills (i.e. Gymnastics – a lot of bar muscle ups have been happening lately). We hope you enjoy what we have cooking up for you guys in the next coming months. Just like you as athletes, we believe having a mix of programming will ensure we are covering all the bases as coaches and delivering to you what we believe is not just something you’ll enjoy but you will improve and hopefully get stronger from. And what perfect timing to switch the gears a little bit and prepare you for the Open which is in a short couple of months!

Resilient PT logo

Joining forces with Resilient PT:

In case you haven’t already noticed we have joined forces with our new Physical Therapy partners, Resilient Performance Physical Therapy. For those of you who may be battling a nagging injury, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to set up an appointment in house with either Greg or Trevor. Both really down to earth guys who know their stuff. Much like what we learned with our Bill Grundler seminar, we encourage all of our member to listen to their bodies, despite age and put your health first.

See link for more info: http://annexsportsperformance.com/physical-therapy/

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!!

As the holidays start to settle in, we just want to make everyone aware that we will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Please take this time to spend with your loved ones, or maybe shoveling snow! On that same note, please stay tuned for any closings due to inclement weather. We will be sure to keep you all in the know.


For those of you interested or attended or competition this past month, we featured some of our very own vendors. Please take advantage of these services. We have all information at our front desk should anyone want more information. They are for you!

Kettlebell Kitchen:

Just a friendly reminder, we have been partnered with KettleBell Kitchen for the last couple months. Feel free to check out their website, www.kettlebellkitchen.com. It’s super convenient when your on the go and are looking for a healthy option. Please note, drop off location is “Annex Sports Performance Center”.


Revivify is for those who could use some good recovery. They recently opened up a location in Summit. They offer Cryotherapy and other recovery services.


Protein is vital for recovery and certainly useful for the athlete on the go. Be sure to fuel your body properly. We have been partnered with Nutrabio for a while and carry their product in house.

new-year 2018

Without you there would be no us. From our hearts to yours – wishing each and every one of you a happy and healthy holiday season and a prosperous New Year! We look forward to working with you in 2018. Thanks for making 2017 a memorable one! Enjoy this holiday season with your loved ones.