The daughter of CFA member Jamie Cutler, Brianna Cutler, 13, started at the ANNEX in our youth speed and agility program. But soon she became very interested learning certain CrossFit exercises and under the tutelage of coach Chelsey Schmidt, Brianna has become a standout in our CrossFit community, even working into the adult WODs on Saturdays.

“I remember before the speed and agility class would start, she would come in 20 minutes early for class and work on pull-ups,” said Chelsey. “I remember the day I taught her how to kipping pull-ups and ever since then she would come in to the gym early and practice her pull-ups and some other skills, and then soon after her parents reached out to start her up on a Crossfit program.”

Her father Jamie couldn’t be happier about his daughter’s interest in CrossFit.

“She is pretty determined once she starts something,” he said. “It is special anytime you get to share something you love with your kids. Having a hobby in common with your teenage daughter is awesome.”

Coach Chelsey also said that Brianna’s determination has been impressive.

“My favorite thing about Bri is her personality,” said Chelsey. “She works hard every day, never questions how hard the workout may be, and always does her best.”

In just one year of training Brianna can deadlift 185 pounds, do 10 pull-ups in a row and back squats her body weight.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Brianna, who will be attending Academy of St. Elizabeth in the fall, and learn more about why CrossFit has been such a strong interest in her life.

Q: What started your initial interest in Cross Fit?

A: My dad began Cross Fit at the Annex a little over two years ago. He signed me up for the speed and agility class there a few months later. When my class was over, I used to go over by my dad and try to follow what he was doing. I immediately knew that this was something I wanted to do. We approached Mickey and asked if I could start training with Chelsey.  

Q: How does Coach Chelsey help you?

A: Chelsey's positive attitude and happy demeanor really help to keep me motivated. She always encourages me and helps me to be better at whatever it is we are doing.  She challenges me every week and always has something new and fun to try. 

Q: What are your favorite aspects of CrossFit?

A: You can never run out of workouts to do and things to try. Every day you are challenged which really keeps it interesting. I also like that I get to do it with my dad. 

Q: Do you have a favorite exercise?

A: I really like working on my clean and jerk and my pull-ups, specially trying to get butterfly pull-ups. 

Q: Do you play other sports?

A: Basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball for my school. 

If you are interested in learning more about CrossFit for young people, contact Chelsey Schmidt at