Open 2017 Recap

Congrats to everyone who completed the 2017 Open! It was quite evident over the past five weeks that everyone pushed themselves to ther limit, whether it be DB snatches at 50# or 35# for the first time, completing multiple bar MU's, snatching weight multiple times at a weight that was once considered “difficult” or, improving their score on 16.4. Let's use this momentum to keep going forward, pushing each other and improving everyday! 

As the Open closes, we will be ramping up the programming again with Strength and OLY lifts, as well as a day working on desired skill work, ie. gymnastics and double-unders! 

On a related note; we would like to continue the competitive nature that the Open brings and have some members sign up for local competitions in the area. They are attached in the bottom section of “Upcoming Events”. 

Partnering with Kettlebell Kitchen: 

We will be partnering with Kettlebell Kitchen! In addition to the hard work we put in the gym, what we put in our bodies is just as important! KBK can help with easy on the go meals that can fit your nutritional needs to take you to the next level! Feel free to check out their website in the meantime,

More info can be found at the front desk, in addition to a coupon after your first order. Stay tuned as we will be homing a fridge for onsite deliveries twice a week! 

Upcoming Events: 

We try to remain involved with other events around the community, and what better way to do it then to remain active and participate in events “outside the box”! 

Jersey City Challenge Obstacle Race: 

Mickey will be participating in a run on April 10th at the Jersey City Challenge Obstacle Race. If you are interested, please sign up here for the 10:30am time slot! 

Barbells & Beers 2017 - Co-Ed Partner Competition

RX and Scaled Divisions, hosted by CrossFit 908 on May 13th 

Sign up by clicking here.

CF Caldwell Battle of the Burbs 4 - Same Sex or Co-Ed Partner Comp 

Hosted by CrossFit Caldwell on June 3rd 

Sign up by clicking here.

Bison Classic 2017 - Individual RX Only 

Hosted by CrossFit Bison on June 10th 

Sign up by clicking here.

MEMBER OF THE MONTH: “The Keven” aka Kevin Kilgore

It is with great honor and pleasure we present to you CFA’s April Member of the Month, and apparently “employee of the month” too! It is none other than, “The Keven”, aka Kevin Kilgore. Not many can walk through the doors of CrossFit Annex and not get to know Kevin. His ability to interact with all members on all levels goes unmatched, and his positive attitude and witty remarks are contagious! Not to mention, his performance in the Open and willingness to do more outside the normal class WODS. Congrats, Keven!  

On the Horizon: 

Memorial Day Murph: 

We are looking to get the community together, including servicemen and women in the area to celebrate them and the hard work they do to protect our community with a work out and BBQ. Please stay tuned as we look to solidify details for a Memorial Day Murph work out and post celebration to follow. 

Private CFA Members Page on Facebook: 

We will be creating a Private Members page on Facebook designated to you… and you only! It is there we hope to share inspiring quotes, pictures, videos on technique or work outs. Please be on the look out for that as we look to include all members active on Facebook. 

CF Kids: 

Trying to set up a “Kids Only” Competition some time in the near future.