Month of April in Review

Private CFA Members Page on Facebook: 

We have created a new page on Facebook for members only, named CrossFit Annex Athletes. It is there we encourage members to share helpful posts/articles, post pics, inspirational quotes, or let us know about events in the area, etc. If you have not been added to the private CrossFit Annex Athlete’s Page yet, please let Coach Ali know when you see her next. 

“Skill Work” in Programming: 

We have been implementing skill work on Thursday work-outs. So far we have touched on rowing, kipping, HSPU, and snatches. The progress we have seen in that short hour has been inspiring and we want to remind members that it doesn’t stop there. Practice is the name of the game - continue to work on those weaknesses! If there is something we have missed or that you would like to work on, we welcome your suggestions and ideas. 

Reminder—Kettlebell Kitchen: 

We have been officially partnered with KBK. Some of our members have been utilizing their service so far and there has been positive feedback. If you have any interest, please refer to the email we have sent, or the post on our CrossFit Annex Athletes Facebook page. It’s super convenient when you are on the go and are looking for a healthy option. Feel free to check out their website,

Please make sure delivery location is Annex Sports Performance Center.

Upcoming Events:          

Barbells & Beers 2017 - Co-Ed Partner Competition hosted by CrossFit 908 on Saturday, May 13th

We have some members competing; Jamie C, Laura S, Rita C, Stefan W, Anne T, Steve M, and Coach Ali. We encourage you to come out and support your fellow workout buddies if you are around! Or, volunteer your services and help judge.

Here are videos of the three WODs:


40th Annual Fishawack Race (4 Mile Run or 1 Mile Run): 

Chatham, NJ on Saturday, June 10th

We are looking to get a group together to participate in the 40th Annual Fishawack Run in Chatham on Saturday, June 10th. There is a 4-mile or 1-mile run option. Race details can be found here: Early registration ends May 10th with a fee of $20. Our very own Steph Carroll will be taking runners through a warm-up prior to the race. Let’s get some of the #CFAmily involved! 


We will be hosting our #CFAmily and guests for Memorial Day Murph on Sarturday May,27th at 9am (in place of our Barbell Class). We are honored to announce that Chatham Fire Department and other surrounding departments will be joining us as we pay honor to the servicemen and women who keep us feeling safe and protected. We will be offering coffee and other brunch items post work-out. 

May Member of the Month - Judy Mirbach: 

It is with great honor that we present to you May’s Member of the Month. It is none other than Ms. Judy Mirbach also known as “Judy Booty”! She put on a notable performance in this years open during 17.2 as she crushed the bar muscle-ups. It was truly a sight to see. Not only is she the epitome of a hard worker but some one who motivates others around her to be their absolute best. Her overall positivity and encouragement makes it fun to be around. Congrats, Judy!

We had a chance to ask Judy some questions:

Q: How did you discover CrossFit?

I am registered nurse and one of my patients, who became a very close and dear friend of mine, "made me do it."  He kept pushing me and pushing me and bugging me and bugging me some more to go to a class with him.  I figured if I went once, just to humor him, he would then finally be quiet about it and leave me alone. Well, I guess my friend was right, I was hooked after my first class because it challenged me and those who know me, know I love a challenge.

Q: Favorite WOD. Least favorite WOD. 

A: Favorite WOD is Murph. One, because my friend who got me into CrossFit is a veteran who served numerous tours overseas as a U.S. Army Captain. And two, because that was the whole reason why I started with CrossFit because I wanted to be able to do that WOD and finish it. Murph was my first CrossFit goal.

As for a least favorite WOD. Well, Mickey's recent competitor programming has had some pretty tough WODs on there that definitely put me in a dark place. But anything with wall balls, double unders, and air bike I really do not like.

Q: What are your interests outside of the box?

A: I love to dance, eat ice cream, anything with acrobatics, and take care of people.

Q: What is something other CFA members might not know about you?

A; Even though I am extremely loud and outgoing, I am an extremely nervous person. My whole life I have always either competed and/or performed on stage and my nerves practically paralyze me but somehow I push through it and I still do it at the age of 33. My nerves haven't stopped me yet.

Fun but weird fact? Don't know if you wanted an answer like this but most people don't know my feet are like hands. I can pick up just about anything with my toes. I used to be able to write with them. You can do what you want with that info.

Q: What are your goals in CF this year?

A; I want to build up my endurance. I want all new PRs with my all my lifts this year. And I would like to focus mostly on Olympic lifting, maybe even do a competition in Olympic lifting.

Q: Any moves or workouts you really want to improve in?

A; Squat snatch. I feel like my form is pretty good, I'm just hoping the heavier weight will follow, like 140#s.

Clean and Jerk. I want to get faster under the bar as the weight gets heavier, especially with my squat clean. Looking to hit 180#s soon

Q: Why do you love CrossFit?

A; That's a loaded question because there are so many facets to CrossFit that makes it so unique and great.  Number one though, like I said before, I love the challenge.  You can always do more; there's never an ending in it.  I love the friends that I have made and the support that I have gotten...people in CrossFit love to see others succeed, no matter what level others are at.  Also, CrossFit keeps me sane. I am a registered nurse and I see a lot of terrible and tragic things on a daily basis and CrossFit is an outlet for me to discipline and focus my mind.  Ultimately, when I don't go to class, I simply don't feel right, something's missing and I get antsy when I am not there.

CFA members out and about

Mickey and Steve Madden participated in the Jersey City Challenge Obstacle Race on 4/22.