Month of July in Review

Belmar Beatdown - Co-Ed Partner Competition (both RX and Scaled): Hosted by CrossFit SpeakEasy in Belmar, NJ on July 15th

The dynamic duo back at it again, Jamie Cutler and Laura Stuart represented well! 

Rumble at the River - Partner Comp (Male and Female Teams only, both RX and Scaled): hosted by CrossFit Toms River in Toms River, NJ on July 22nd

Thumbs up for RX Partner Comp? Jamie Cutler and John Sim represented our #CFAmily in Toms River. Placing 17th out of 23rd and getting third place overall in an event. S/O to Sim for PR’ing his Power Clean & Jerk! All the 9 a.m. Barbell Classes and extra work has certainly paid off. 

August Programming: 

As most of you know, we installed new programming this month. Below you can find the outline of what we are looking to accomplish over the course of the next couple months. By now, most of you have tested your 1RM Back Squat and 1RM Front Squat. With those numbers, we are looking to complete a two month Strength Cycle. Monday’s will be known as “Mobility Monday” to ease you back into the week, Barbell Skill will be moved to Wednesday’s in recognition that some of you attend Saturday Barbell Class, which can give you a bit of relief on your body. 

MONDAY: Metcon (Conditioning Based) & Mobility Work 

TUESDAY: Back Squat & Couplet 

WEDNESDAY: Barbell Skill & Triplet  

THURSDAY: Accessory Work & Partner WOD 

FRIDAY: Front Squat & Chipper

We hope you enjoy this new format and look forward to seeing gains in the coming months! 

Upcoming Events:          

As always, we encourage our members to participate in events outside of the gym doors.

Coach Ali will attend Kill Cliff Granite Games with Team Necessary Thickness in Minnesota September 8th to September 10th: 

1,000 athletes from around the globe will gather to display their athleticism at the campus of St. Cloud State over the course of 3 days of world class fitness in action for the 6th installment of the KillCliff Granite Games. She and her teammates will be representing their respectful gyms, CrossFit Annex, CrossFit Bison and CrossFit Hoboken under team name “Necessary Thickness.”

September #CFAmily Social: 

We are planning to have a CFA gathering in September so please stay tuned for details coming soon! 

Upcoming Competitions: 

Battle in the Burbs Bros & Hoes - Male/Female Partner Comp (both Scaled and RX Divisions): hosted by CrossFit JTown on September 16th at 8am

Details can be found here:

CrossFit 201 Co-Ed Classic II - Male/Female Partner Comp (both Scaled and RX Divisions): Hosted by CrossFit 201 on September 30th at 8am

Details can be found here:

2017 Garden State Open - News TBD, stay posted for details coming soon! Hosted by CrossFit 908 on October 7th

Rock the WOD - News TBD, stay posted for details coming soon! Hosted by CrossFit West Essex

Head to Head in Hamilton - Male/ Female and Co-Ed Partner Comp (Scaled, RX, and Masters Divisions): Hosted by CrossFit Hamilton on October 21st at 8am 

Details can be found here:


Battle of the Boroughs Team Up for Joseph - Partner Comp: hosted by CrossFit Annex on November 4th 

AUGUST Member of the Month — Stefan Weber: 

It is with great pleasure to award August’s Member of the Month to Stefan Weber! A constant in the 8:45 a.m. class, Stefan exudes so much positivity and energy when he walks through the door that it’s hard not to smile. Always looking to improve, and going the extra mile outside of class, he’s a team player who cheers on all of his peers that surround him during a work out. And, as if that’s not enough, he does his part in representing our #CFAmily outside the box, attending competitions and events when he can. AND —  I’m proud to say his Double Unders are starting to string together very nicely.  A true testament to hard work paying off! Congrats, Stefan - you are a pleasure to have a part of our #CFAmily! 

CHEERS to you, Stefan!!!! 

Here's our Q&A with Stefan:

How did you discover CrossFit? What's your CrossFIt Story?

I was looking for a program that would help me with my recovery from a heart attack I had July 2012. Coach Madden was running a crazy workout in his garage and on his driveway, mostly on a weekend. I joined the group and started doing air squats and other wild stuff in his driveway, while the neighbors drove by thinking that we were all nutcases. We called it the House of Pain. One thing led to another, and soon I joined the Annex at their old location on River Road. At the time I was barely able to hang from a pull-up bar. Constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity they say. At the time I felt like a bag of potatoes hanging on a laundry line. With the help of the great coaches and the community at CrossFit Annex I have been able to recover well, my health has improved and I feel great. 

What are your favorite WODs, least favorite and why?

My least favorite has to be one of the CF benchmark workouts - Annie. Somehow double unders and I cannot see eye-to-eye. Albeit, I am improving and have finally come to a point were I can do a few DU in a row. But boy, it has been a painful and frustrating journey. 

I do like Cindy. A great workout that really challenges me, and good prep work for Murph. I also like deadlifts. Lifting so much weight off the ground makes me feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger. LOL.

Tell us something about yourself that the other members might not know.

Prior to coming to the U.S., I lived for 7 years in Johannesburg, South Africa. I was there during the transition from an apartheid regime to Nelson Mandela being released from prison after 27 years in February 1990, and then being elected President in the first democratic elections following this historic event. Shortly thereafter in 1991 I transferred to the United States.

What do you do for work? Any hobbies outside of work and the box?

I am a logistics executive known for my experience to build strong supply chains, and to manage complex service organizations. At the moment I am between jobs, which provides me with the opportunity to work on my double unders and other weaknesses. Outside of the box, I would like to get back on my bicycle more frequently. This is one of my non-CF goals once we are through the summer. Also, I have made it my hobby over the past years to help change the fact that Germans are the second largest beer consumers in the world, after the Irish. Germany must get to the No. 1 spot. 

What are your personal goals in CF?

I have a number of personal milestones I hope to achieve by year end. I am struggling with my pull-ups, and I would love to conquer my fear of doing a handstand against the wall. Though at the moment I seem to spend more time doing rehab exercises then working on my goals. Sucks.

How does CF improve your life or what makes you stay with CrossFit over any other workout style?

CrossFit was instrumental in helping me to recover from my heart attack, and in the process improved my functional fitness and personal health. The benefits are obvious to me and I would not know of any other sport that combines so many positive attributes towards a healthy lifestyle. I am not sure if I would be at my present level of health where I am today if I had chosen a another route.

Where did you grow up? Tell us about your athletic background.

I grew up as one of four siblings in Frankfurt, Germany. Needless to say that the number one physical activity I grew up with was kicking a soccer ball. Though I was more attracted by a different sport, and joined the school handball team (an indoor team sport in which two teams of seven players each (six outfield players and a goalkeeper) pass a ball using their hands to score a goal. I actively played at various levels until I was 26 years old and thereafter I tried other activities, such as tennis and running.

Bonus Content from Last Month's Member of the Month feature on Rachel Pollard: 

(Sometimes we don't make our newsletter deadlines, but we always make up for it!)

How did you discover CrossFit and what about it convinced you to stick with it?

I discovered CrossFit through my close friend Judy. We had been doing pole together for a while and she eventually talked me into trying CrossFit with her. After one workout I knew it was something that would motivate me, and something that I would never get bored with. I was intrigued by the complexity of some of the movements and olympic lifts and I saw so many possibilities for constant improvement. It was thrilling and and immediately I found myself setting goals. So, of course I stuck with it, and have not gotten bored since!

What are your strengths and weaknesses in CrossFit?

My strengths and weaknesses are always changing I feel. But right now I would say some of my strengths are rope climbs and handstand pushups. My weaknesses are double unders, running, and air biking. I am trying to focus on turning those into strengths though!

How has CrossFit helped you in life?

I knew from the beginning that CrossFit would affect me physically. I expected that I would get stronger and that definitely drew me to it. What I did not know was how much it would help to motivate and inspire me in every aspect of life. Through CrossFit and the people I have met at the Annex, I have been pushed and learned to push myself and that has carried over into my professional and personal life as well. 

An especially significant instance in which CrossFit has helped me is in my recovery from surgery last June. Not only had CrossFit, which I had been doing consistently for about a year at the time, given me a foundation of fitness that I feel made me physically more prepared to undergo that surgery, but beyond that it also strengthened my recovery to have the encouragement of the community and a fitness regime I was so excited and motivated to get back to. After surgery, I had lost a significant amount of weight and strength and it would be a somewhat lengthy recovery, I was told.  I wanted to recover quickly and more than that, work to become even stronger than I was prior to that experience. CrossFit motivated me to work hard and become physically active to regain strength and gave me the tools I needed to recover. 

Because of that and for so many other reasons CrossFit has become very special to me and I am excited to see what gains another year will bring. 

Tell us something you are into away from the gym and outside of work?

Outside of the gym and work I am into pole dancing and other aerial arts. I try to get some practice in and try new apparatuses as often as possible. I am also into sewing, although that is sort of part of my work, but I do still enjoy it when I have free time for it. 


Calling all Fishes!!! 

SWIM PT has officially gone underway with Coach Steve! 

Where: Chatham Fish & Game 

41 Fairmount Ave, Chatham NJ 07928 

Time: Every Sunday at 10 a.m. 

Kettlebell Kitchen: 

Just a friendly reminder, we have been partnered with KettleBell Kitchen for the last couple months. Feel free to check out their website, It’s super convenient when your on the go and are looking for a healthy option. Please note, drop off location is “Annex Sports Performance Center”. 

1/2 of Team “Necessary Thickness” taking on CrossFit 908’s Partner Comp this past May!!! Synchro movements will be on the menu for the Granite Games! 

**Any suggestions, questions, ideas for events or anything CrossFit related are always welcome. You can post on our Private Facebook Page here  or email Ali at**