Month of August in Review:  

Kill Cliff Granite Games with Team Necessary Thickness in Minnesota September 8th to September 10th:  

Team Necessary Thickness and Coliseum Strength pictured after their last work out. Coliseum Strength, also a gym represented from NJ, were one of the teams to attend the Regionals 2017 this past year. 

Team Necessary Thickness and Coliseum Strength pictured after their last work out. Coliseum Strength, also a gym represented from NJ, were one of the teams to attend the Regionals 2017 this past year. 

Over 2,000 athletes from around the globe gathered to display their athleticism at the campus of St. Cloud State over there weekend of world class fitness for the 6th installment of the KillCliff Granite Games. Coach Ali and her teammates represented CrossFit Annex, CrossFit Bison and CrossFit Hoboken under team name “Necessary Thickness.” They finished out the weekend with a respectful 14th place finish overall out of 57 teams in the Community Team Division. Competition was fierce but their most notable performance had to be on Day 2 when they completed the “Swim/Run” Work Out with a first place finish, beating teams compromised of Regional and Games athletes.  


September Programming: 

Programming from the month of August will continue to be the same. We will east out of our Squat Cycle towards the end of the month and phase into an upper body strength day and Deadlift day. You guys can look forward to that change in next month’s programming! 

MONDAY: Metcon (Conditioning Based) & Mobility Work 

TUESDAYBack Squat & Couplet 

WEDNESDAYBarbell Skill & Triplet  

THURSDAY: Accessory Work & Partner WOD 

FRIDAY: Front Squat & Chipper

We hope you continue to enjoy this format and look forward to seeing some new Back/Front Squat PR’s at the end of the month! 

Upcoming Events:  

September #CFAMILY Social: 

We are planning to have a CFA gathering on Friday September 22nd at Twin Elephant Brewing Company located on 13 Watching Ave, aka the old Annex Location. Please feel free to bring your families and gather for a good time! 

Upcoming Competitions: 

Battle in the Burbs Bros & Hoes - Male/Female Partner Comp (both Scaled and RX Divisions): 

Hosted by CrossFit JTown on September 16th at 8am

Details can be found here:

Members attending: Jamie Cutler and Laura Stuart

CrossFit 201 Co-Ed Classic II - Male/Female Partner Comp (both Scaled and RX Divisions): 

Hosted by CrossFit 201 on September 30th at 8 a.m.

Details can be found here:

Head to Head in Hamilton - Male/ Female and Co-Ed Partner Comp (Scaled, RX, and Masters Divisions): Hosted by CrossFit Hamilton on October 21st at 8am

Details can be found here:


Battle of the Boroughs Team Up for Joseph - Partner Comp: 

Hosted by CrossFit Annex on November 4th

SEPTEMBER Member of the Month:

Thomas Cincotta


It is with great pleasure to award September’s Member of the Month to Thomas Cincotta! A steady 5AM’er, Tom is not one to shy away from going the extra mile. You mention adding a vest in a work out?! There is no extra thought involved, Tom is already suiting up vest and all. He is a reliable member when it comes to cheering on those around him, someone who not only pushes the needle but pushes other in his community to be the best they can possibly be. It’s fun watching him in work outs but even better sharing a “high five” and a post WOD convo. Congrats, Tom! 

Here's our interview with Tom:

Q: How did you discover CrossFit? 

A: A good friend, who is active military, mentioned CrossFit to me. Up until then, I had spent many years doing traditional gym workouts (lots of barbell curls). I researched CrossFit online and began trying out some of the WODs at a local Y with current Annex CrossFitter Mike Dalpe. We quickly ran into limits, both personal and the facility-wise, and realized we needed coaching and a box. A few “on ramp” sessions at the Annex and we were hooked. 

However, the earliest class offered at the time started at 5:30 a.m., too late for us. Mickey was willing to move the class to a 5 a.m. start. How about that? “On ramp Divas” asking to change class times before we ever did an official WOD! That says a lot about Mickey and the group of coaches at the Annex. Three years later and 5 a.m. class is still going strong!  A request for lemon wedges in the water is on the way. Divas!

Q:  What are your strengths and weaknesses?

A: All I have is cardio! Oh…and double unders. I need work on my Olympic lifts. Other obstacles include muscle ups and handstand walks. I have a long way to go, but I think both are achievable.  That being said, since joining the Annex I have made huge strides in terms of flexibility and functional strength that have made a huge difference in many areas of life. All the coaches have been great to work with and I can’t thank them enough for their help and support. Near-term, I’d like to improve my rhythm for toes-to-bar to help with speed. I’d venture to guess that most 10-yr olds can do them better. CrossFit is very humbling.

Q: Where did you grow up? What is your athletic background? 

A: I was born and raised in Long Island.  I grew up playing soccer and ice hockey competitively and played golf, recreationally, most of my life. After college I got into running; participating in NYRRC events and completing a few marathons, highlighted by Boston.

Q: What is something the other members might not know about you?

A: I am an insomniac. No, not really. Getting up early (4:10 alarm) was tough at first, but now part of the routine. If you find yourself awake, come on down to the Annex and give the 5 a.m. a try. We do get grumpy, but for the most part we are a welcoming bunch. It’s a good group that pushes and supports one another. Plus, when the coach is catnapping we change our times/reps on the board!

Q: What do you do for work? 

A: I am an equity sales trader for Citigroup in NYC. Although at times stressful, working defined market hours with little required travel helps me keep a regular workout routine. Most of my day is sitting in front of computer screens, so having the day’s WOD done at the Annex in the morning offers a great counterbalance.

Q: What are your interests outside of work and outside of CrossFit?

A: I am married with three children. My family is pretty much my life outside of CrossFit and work.  All three kids play ice hockey for local programs, so I’ve been involved as a coach. After each phase of my playing days – high school, intramural college, and men’s leagues – I assumed I was hanging the skates up for good only to have them come back down off the shelf. Coaching became another phase in that progression. It is a commitment, no doubt. But helping the kids develop and build confidence has been an unbelievably enjoyable and rewarding experience. Life is all about phases, and I try to enjoy each one by finding challenges to overcome. I think CrossFit mirrors life in that respect; which is why it “fits” my life so well.



Just a friendly reminder, we have been partnered with KettleBell Kitchen for the last couple months. Feel free to check out their website, It’s super convenient when your on the go and are looking for a healthy option. Please note, drop off location is “Annex Sports Performance Center”.

**Any suggestions, questions, ideas for events or anything CrossFit related are always welcome. You can post on our Private Facebook Page here  or email Ali at**Team Necessary Thickness and Coliseum Strength pictured after their last work out.