Please welcome CrossFit Masters athlete Bill Grundler to CrossFit Annex

for a special seminar on Sunday, Nov. 5.

Training the CrossFit Masters Athlete: 

We have a seminar for Masters Athletes, people who want to be competitive as Masters Athletes and for people who coach Masters Athletes.

WHO: The instructor is Bill Grundler,  winner of Open and Masters Qualifier 2017, 2nd place Games 2015, the oldest man to ever beat Rich Froning in a workout [Diane @ 2012 regionals], CrossFit Games commentator since 2010, founder/owner of CrossFit Inferno in central California. 

WHAT: The seminar will look into truly understanding what it means to get older, look at prioritizing our issues and which are the easiest to fix, understanding the correct way to coach and program for an older athlete, developing a champion mindset by decreasing the amount of stress in our lives and understanding how stress affects us physically and our performances, and finally developing a workout and coming up with strategies and modifications for individuals.

$250 per person

WHEN: Sunday, November 5; 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

WHERE: CrossFit Annex, 100 N. Passaic Ave., Chatham, NJ 07928