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Whether you are looking for a new CrossFit box or have been on the fence about trying CrossFit, we want to welcome you.

We have many members who never imagined they'd become CrossFItters and we believe that our welcoming culture makes that transformation happen. CrossFit Annex was formed from our roots in sports performance training, so you know that each of our coaches has proper form as his or her first priority.

Unleash your untapped potential

CrossFit is excellent for simply making you feel great in your own body. The multi-dimensional training provides the most efficient way to maximize your body's potential to accomplish physical feats. It's great for everyday life tasks and the challenge of mastering new movements keeps it all interesting. Our members come from all walks of life and each have their own take on why they love CrossFit.

Awaken your spirit

If you feel like you've been missing something in life, CrossFit Annex may just be what you need to feel energized and purposeful. Many of our members credit CrossFit for helping them excel at high-pressure careers and we even have a father and daughter who bond over power cleans. You'll be in the best shape of your life and experience true camaraderie with our CrossFit family.

CrossFit On-Ramp
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Start now. Don't wait for another excuse.

Get started with our six-week on-ramp program, which teaches you the 9 fundamental movements used in CrossFit and to work on your skill development. We will prepare you to enter the CrossFit classes knowing that you can confidently carry out the movement safely and efficiently.  


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